I don’t think I’ve ever knit the same pattern twice. There are too many things out there that I want to make to do that. Or at least that was the case until last weekend. You guys. I’m obsessed. My best friend of 20 (OMG we’re old!) years had her second baby. When she had her first, she had her in September, and I distinctly remember knitting the gift while watching Pride and Prejudice (the good version) on New Years Eve… so that’s pretty bad. That’s like 4 months late.

in progress overalls6

So I was determined to be just a smidge better this time. I ordered washable wool from Fat Cat Knits, who has great colors and selection and best of all meant I didn’t have to dye anything or buy a hunk of superwash. I spun it up. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the colors. I mean, I liked them a lot, but wasn’t sure about a baby traipsing around in them. But whatever, I just kept going.

in progress overalls9

I had been wanting to knit up these overalls since I saw Adrien knit some up in handspun. OMG. Too cute. Must have. The only mods I made from the pattern (aside from a gauge change, DK from worsted) was to make the legs open along that bottom seam and not bell at the bottom. The bell might work fine in older sizes, but 0-6 month was 12″ around for a leg that is like 4″ around. The pattern, and as far as I can tell everyone who has made them on ravelry, calls for two tubes for legs. Now, if someone gave me some item of clothing for a 0-6 month old who is getting changed constantly that required taking them all the way off every time, I would just never put them on them. And since my main goal is for these to get ON the child, I knit the legs back and forth, and added snap tape along that inseam. It worked pretty well. I would recommend it. It means sewing in snap tape, which might make you want to kill yourself, but I promise if you make it through alive it will make them so much more useful as clothes. And I did snaps for the shoulder straps instead of buttons. No matter how well you sew buttons, the idea of them near a kids mouth makes me nervous. Babies are fascinated with the most boring of things, like circles with holes and string, and resourceful, and like to swallow things.

in progress overalls11

And once all the snaps and sewing was over, OMG. I love them. I am obsessed with them. I could knit only these until I die and be quite happy. I was so deliriously pleased with myself that I brought them into work and showed them to normal non-knitters probably making squealy sounds the whole time in my delusion. I just love them. There is discussion of adult sized ones for every day of he week. (I’m kidding there… only sort of.) I think I’m done with baby sweaters. Who needs sweaters when you can have THESE!!!!

finished overalls 4

finished overalls 5

finished overalls 2

This baby was born in October, and I’m done a whole 2 WEEKS before New Years. That’s like 2 months! I’m practically early!!

The pattern is free on Ravelry. Get going.


Random Monday

It’s been a while since Random Day has happened. It will happen now.

1. I broke my nail. I tried to glue it back together (it broke below the white part, ouch!). This didn’t work. I don’t recommend trying it.
2nd} The snow. It is this high. (This is looking out my front window. The window is about 8 feet off the ground. The snow is almost to the window.) This is not cool. I may have said at some point I was excited for snow. That was a delusional comment, I take it back.

snow outside the window


c) On Friday, I washed my favorite sweater. This is a sweater I’ve had since high school, so it’s about 12 years old. It was the coziest, happiest sweater, neutral so it went with everything, light so it wasn’t bulky but oh so warm. Some moron (read: Me) washed it with a red sock. Guess who no longer has a favorite sweater? (The offending sock has been thrown out so as not to ruin anything else. I didn’t like it anyways, even though it was handknit. I handknit it before I knew how to make a sock fit…). This was the final nail in the week of defeat coffin.

And then… We went to visit our friends, one who is very pregnant and requested cupcakes. They were delicious. There are no more.

365.22 frosted cupcakes for anna

They were chocolate with butter cream frosting (some almond some vanilla). I somehow decided I also deserved them.

And then… we decided to go to a new favorite yarn shop, where it was just as a yarn shop should be. The people were very friendly and it was cozy and there were couches! This is in stark contrast to the two yarn shops nearer me. I cannot understand how you can run a yarn shop and not be friendly and happy and helpful. That’s not that hard! Anyway, I digress. I had intended to just look but as it turns out, a yarn exists that is almost exactly like my favorite sweater yarn! So I bought it. Ooops.

swatch for favorite sweater

And that about sums up Monday…