Time Out

Well. Last you saw me I had Wallace and Grommit on and I was going to finish it. And I did. And it is in time out. I have knit the top of that dumb thing 3 times. Then I finished it into a short sleeve sweater. And the top is still wrong. STILL WRONG. Still wrong. As in not at all right. Not even close. And this is so sad for so many reasons. I loved that yarn and it’s the kind of yarn that is sticky and you can really only pull it out and reknit it so many times before it is no longer the type of yarn you can knit so much as a fuzzy felted fuzz. And even if I did, I cannot bear to do that again right now. I had this panicked thought that I should just cut it up and sew it into potholders or something. Before I got the scissors out and got chopping I had the sense to back away slowly… So sadly it sits in time out until I can get up my sense and do something. I’m thinking I can keep the bottom, rip out the top – AGAIN – and try one last time. I think the problem is it was top down. I can knit bottom up without incident, apparently, but have had little to no success starting at the top and going down. Which makes no sense because it is just the same thing backwards, but such is life.

So since I refuse to show photos of exactly how bad it fits because after all it turns out I have a ** little ** self respect, I will instead show you last weekend. Last weekend, in Boston, we got snowed in. Like honest to goodness can’t leave the house snowed in.

Blizzard 2013_11

I cannot remember the last time I’ve been actually snowed in. There have been time I’ve used it as an excuse to stay in, or to eat crackers and peanut butter and ice cream for dinner because I was too lazy to go out in the snow to get proper food. But last weekend for real, there was an honest to goodness driving ban, 2 feet of snow, and based on how the driving was the next day, I think it was good and warranted. I did, of course, make sure we had cookies, because in emergencies, cookies are just about required. And made for a fantastic breakfast of shoveling champions the next day. YUM!

Blizzard 2013_8

Blizzard 2013_5

So I spent the majority of the storm sitting with some tea and some cookies and finishing my scrap blanket, which I’m pleased to say is finished and has eaten an ENTIRE bag of scraps! Woot!

Scrap Blanket_3

And then the shoveling began, which was actually kind of fun. Good times. So with the scrap blanket and the delinquent Wallace and Grommit finished for now, I’m on to bigger and better things. From the bottom up this time.

Blizzard 20136


Making Good Use of the Snow

picnic anyone

Last night into this morning we got somewhere around 16″ of snow. It’s hard to tell with the winds, but it’s a lot of snow. Last night we waited until we had enough on the ground then headed out with our cross country skis. It wasn’t the most comfortable ski, but probably one of the most fun.

xc skiing at night

It was awesome. I love when the snow dampens every sound, obviously no one had shoveled, with another 12″ on the way, so we could ski along on the sidewalk to the path near our house then ski on that towards some soccer fields. We did a few laps around the soccer fields. 75% of the lap was awesome, but the one leg where you’re heading into the wind and being pelted with little ice/snow bits is pretty miserable. But everyone who was out (which was a surprising number, given that we were in the middle of a blizzard) walking dogs or just walking themselves was in a great mood and very pleasant. We astounded a man who was watching the storm from his porch who have never seen anyone ski down his street before. It was so fun that after I shoveled out this morning, I gave up my precious parking spot to go a few towns away where there are trails and went again. Here’s me in the wind tunnel (a field that needed crossing to get to the trails)

me skiing

I kid you not, it was incredibly windy. See the snow storm (sand storm style) on the field?

wind tunnel 2

The woods were beautiful, really. I’m not usually as impressed, and in February I’m sure it won’t be quite so pleasing to see, but the snow on the trees and the trails was really calming. And on the way home, came across some sunflowers who were somehow still standing despite the wind and snow.

sunflower in winter

Pretty cool.