My Only Christmas Knitting – again

Once again, I had only one knit Christmas gift to give this year. But it was an awesome one.


A few weeks ago, I was with my sister, and I thought I heard her say she liked that new trend of giant oversized knit stuff. Now, I’d had a beer, and I couldn’t remember if she said she liked it, she wanted it, she thought it was ridiculous, or what. All I got out of it was “oh good, I can make that!” As I plugged along, I wondered if I’d mis-heard, or if I made it up altogether in my desire to make one of these things. But I figured what the heck. Either she’ll be happy or very very confused, but it would be fun either way.

Marthas blanket03

It was knit with unspun wool top, split in half. (You could knit it with it just as it comes, but really that’s more art installation than blanket. I tried it.) At 4 st per FOOT it worked up really quickly. I think there were 20 stitches/row. It took about 6 hours on 1.5″ PVC pipes with some really classy duct tape covering the openings.

Scooter on martha's blanket01

Scooter thought it was pretty dope too. My Sister loved it. She draped it over her and walked about. We decided she looked very rich wearing her blanket. I have photos. As she will soon be a wildly expensive lawyer, I will not put those photos up here so she doesn’t then sue me for defamation. But it was a hit.

We also had a bat in the house Christmas morning. Luckily the boys took it outside… then ran…


Merry Christmas!


6 thoughts on “My Only Christmas Knitting – again

    • Hi Jess! You should do it. PVC pipes are a few dollars, and the unspun wool, I love Copper Moose ( – he has tons of breeds, really good prices, and Bill is a super nice guy to boot. I think my blanket was ~ 3 lbs, so somewhere $30-50 depending on what wool you like. Do it!

      • Oh wow, that’s totally do-able then! Ok. I’ve got to get a few things off the needles before I can justify this, but I’m totally gonna do it. 🙂 Thanks for the info, and the link!

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