Rhinebeck 2012

Hello! Again, falling off the edge of the world. Apparently this home-ownership thing really does eat all your time. I shall prevail!


Anyways, surfacing to show some super cute faces. Last weekend, me, greg, and 5 other knitterly friends and their families (some of which were knitterly) drove, through the driving rain, to Rhinebeck NY for the epic sheep and wool festival. And it was epic. I will say, the way it’s been built up, I was expecting it to take several days to get through, but it was manageable and great fun. We stayed in cabins, which worked out famously, and we had a fantastic night of crock pot chili and mac and cheese (with veggies, lest you think we were totally unhealthy. I just won’t mention the brownies and beer and turbinado sugar sea salt and chocolate crack almonds from Trader Joes…).


I will not show all of my yarn that I bought, since I do have some self-respect and I think you might fall down on the floor and say “KATE WHAT DID YOU DO!!” because that is what the other 5 knitterly people I went with did. However, suffice it to say, I will have 5 new sweaters (in my defense, this includes 2 sweaters that I bought yarn to GO WITH yarn I currently own in insufficient quantities to knit a sweater) and Greg will have one new one. In Cormo-cross, and I swear to the universe, it was all I could do not to get myself a sweaters worth of that cormo. It will haunt my dreams until next year. When I will have a cormo sweater. I stuck to yarn becuase, really, I have about 40 pounds of wool in various states of dyed and spun for the shop and well, I just don’t need anymore. What I’d like is more sweaters, and so yarn it was, in sweater quantities.


But I will unveil it as I knit it, and it won’t seem so ridiculous, I swear.


Do you like how I’ve distracted you from the discussion of ridiculous amounts of yarn purchased by cute cuddly faces? And CURLS!! OH THE CURLS!! A I don’t know what breed this is (Wenslydale?) but man, I loved his locks.

Also of note for the last weekend was a reconnection with an old family friend, who knew me when I was born, (Mrs. K, had a great time, thanks again!!) and it was fabulous time chatting, shopping, eating breakfast, hanging out. It was the icing on the cake, really a wonderful time well spent!

So, I promise, I have knitting to show and will show it soon! I’ve been a photography slacker lately, and since I skip over posts without pretty pictures, I feel that I should offer pretty pictures too. Treat others as you’d like to be treated and all that. I’ll try to get my camera back in use!


One thought on “Rhinebeck 2012

  1. My wise knitting mentor trained me well about fiber festivals. “Bring cash and only cash. Credit cards must be left home.” I didn’t follow his advice. Hehehe

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