I spent last weekend knitting this really great hat, using some handspun and using up some leftover from a sweater. It was really great. I was composing posts about how fun it was, great, how this was going to be the hat to end all hats… Until I had to admit finally that if I were a giant, or making a hat for a 16 pound pumpkin, then it would be just the thing. But being a mere mortal, it was not a hat for me. Alas. I ripped it all out and it’s just as well, since as I was knitting it, I was thinking that it really looked too cool to just be a hat. Wait for it, it’s going to be great.

However, I can show you what I did the weekend BEFORE that. I took my weird blue room…

Bedroom Transformation

(You may ignore the unmade bed and clothes thrown around. I was in a manic state. Also, yes, my bed is on the floor. The boxspring wouldn’t go up the wonky stairs and so there you go. A new real grown up person bed will soon place me 2.5 feet above the floor like a real grownup.)

Into a calming clean crisp white.

Bedroom Transformation_4

I now have a brighter cleaner blank slate, and am looking at what to do, something simple and colorful I think. I can’t wait to get a bed, new bedding, curtains, a rug, and a bureau. Very excited to put it all together.

And so begins the week, next weekend I’ll have sheepie photos from RHINEBECK!!!


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