Wallace and Gromit

So a few posts back, I talked about this hat I made that turned out to be a watermelon cozy, right? And I talked about how I was actually not sad to rip it out because I was not going to use all the yarn, and I was a little bit obsessed with it and never wanted it to end? And perhaps I’d make it into a sweater? Well, I did start that sweater.



Now, I looked for a pattern, couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, got impatient, and decided WTF, I’ll just start it. I had a vague idea of a sweater, with the pattern I’d started with the hat, and… well that was the plan. I was slightly paralyzed because I wasn’t sure how far the yarn would go. The white is leftover from Simpleton, and the colored yarn is my own handspun. The wool is Wensleydale, and I’m madly in love with it. I have 350 yds of the Wensleydale, ~300 yds of the white, and some Rhinebeck yarn that uncannily similar to the white and I’m hoping that when I switch, no one will be the wiser.


Now since I wasn’t sure how far the yarn would go, what I wanted the neckline to be, or what I wanted the bottom to be, the only rational option left was to start smack in the middle. Surely I could handle that. So I cast on provisionally around the bottom of the yoke, and proceeded up with raglan sleeves. Eventually, I decided to do a neckline, and decided that I liked Acers neckline, so I pulled out that pattern, figured out what that meant for the current sweater, and I think it worked. The ribbing went well, and I cast off in my normal bind off (knit one, knit another one, slip 1st over 2nd, repeat) which is not elegant and which flares a bit. This didn’t work at all, because it’s kind of a wider neckline and the flaring made it look ridiculous. So I ripped back and am doing a tubular cast off (I think that’s what it’s called) and it seems to be working well. When it’s done, I’ll double check it but then it’d onward and downward on the body.


I can’t tell if it’s hideous or fabulous, but I like it so far, and it is making me smile, so I’ll just keep going. I’m calling it Wallace and Gromit because I cannot think of Wensleydale without thinking of Wallace and Gromit eating Wensleydale cheeeeesseeee and drinking tea. These are the things that get linked in my head.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a new wooly toy, which I’m going to go play with!!


(The suspense is killing you, I know it.)


Rhinebeck 2012

Hello! Again, falling off the edge of the world. Apparently this home-ownership thing really does eat all your time. I shall prevail!


Anyways, surfacing to show some super cute faces. Last weekend, me, greg, and 5 other knitterly friends and their families (some of which were knitterly) drove, through the driving rain, to Rhinebeck NY for the epic sheep and wool festival. And it was epic. I will say, the way it’s been built up, I was expecting it to take several days to get through, but it was manageable and great fun. We stayed in cabins, which worked out famously, and we had a fantastic night of crock pot chili and mac and cheese (with veggies, lest you think we were totally unhealthy. I just won’t mention the brownies and beer and turbinado sugar sea salt and chocolate crack almonds from Trader Joes…).


I will not show all of my yarn that I bought, since I do have some self-respect and I think you might fall down on the floor and say “KATE WHAT DID YOU DO!!” because that is what the other 5 knitterly people I went with did. However, suffice it to say, I will have 5 new sweaters (in my defense, this includes 2 sweaters that I bought yarn to GO WITH yarn I currently own in insufficient quantities to knit a sweater) and Greg will have one new one. In Cormo-cross, and I swear to the universe, it was all I could do not to get myself a sweaters worth of that cormo. It will haunt my dreams until next year. When I will have a cormo sweater. I stuck to yarn becuase, really, I have about 40 pounds of wool in various states of dyed and spun for the shop and well, I just don’t need anymore. What I’d like is more sweaters, and so yarn it was, in sweater quantities.


But I will unveil it as I knit it, and it won’t seem so ridiculous, I swear.


Do you like how I’ve distracted you from the discussion of ridiculous amounts of yarn purchased by cute cuddly faces? And CURLS!! OH THE CURLS!! A I don’t know what breed this is (Wenslydale?) but man, I loved his locks.

Also of note for the last weekend was a reconnection with an old family friend, who knew me when I was born, (Mrs. K, had a great time, thanks again!!) and it was fabulous time chatting, shopping, eating breakfast, hanging out. It was the icing on the cake, really a wonderful time well spent!

So, I promise, I have knitting to show and will show it soon! I’ve been a photography slacker lately, and since I skip over posts without pretty pictures, I feel that I should offer pretty pictures too. Treat others as you’d like to be treated and all that. I’ll try to get my camera back in use!


I spent last weekend knitting this really great hat, using some handspun and using up some leftover from a sweater. It was really great. I was composing posts about how fun it was, great, how this was going to be the hat to end all hats… Until I had to admit finally that if I were a giant, or making a hat for a 16 pound pumpkin, then it would be just the thing. But being a mere mortal, it was not a hat for me. Alas. I ripped it all out and it’s just as well, since as I was knitting it, I was thinking that it really looked too cool to just be a hat. Wait for it, it’s going to be great.

However, I can show you what I did the weekend BEFORE that. I took my weird blue room…

Bedroom Transformation

(You may ignore the unmade bed and clothes thrown around. I was in a manic state. Also, yes, my bed is on the floor. The boxspring wouldn’t go up the wonky stairs and so there you go. A new real grown up person bed will soon place me 2.5 feet above the floor like a real grownup.)

Into a calming clean crisp white.

Bedroom Transformation_4

I now have a brighter cleaner blank slate, and am looking at what to do, something simple and colorful I think. I can’t wait to get a bed, new bedding, curtains, a rug, and a bureau. Very excited to put it all together.

And so begins the week, next weekend I’ll have sheepie photos from RHINEBECK!!!

Fits and Starts

Where I’ve been:

A Polish wedding. Holy Wodka. Seriously, the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Got to see and party with family I haven’t seen in a while, family I’ve never seen, had fantastic food I haven’t had in forever, and be more hungover than I’ve ever been. Fantastic. Highly recommended.


Na zdrowie to Alicja and Aaron.


Also, been spinning up a storm. Here’s the latest, to enter the shop sometime this weekend. Seriously excited about this update, the purple/red is so deep and complex, I really want to steal that one. And the softer blue/green/purple is the new Polworth/Silk – I am madly in love with this one.


And, I’m playing the “pick a color – any color” game, hopefully transforming the bedroom this weekend from bright dark blue to soothing, clean crisp white. How there are so many “whites” blows my mind.


And, in knitting, the yarn-bag emptying scrap yarn blanket is working out beautifully. Seriously boring knitting, but the yarn has to go somewhere, and it’s actually turning out pretty cool, so that’s something. Once this is done, I’ll have to get rid of a few other skeins I don’t know what to do with. I don’t know how this escaped my notice, but I am a dyer, so some of the un-inspiring skeins, I can change their color. Seriously don’t know how I didn’t think of this before now, but there you go. I’ll keep you posted on any exciting transformations.