OMG. What’s that creeping around the garden?

knitting, handknitting, sweater, larch, cardigan

Oh, wait, that’s me. In my new sweater… The one that took since February to finish…

knitting, handknitting, sweater, larch, cardigan

I was checking out my ravelry page last week and saw the last sweater was the Simpleton. And I thought to myself, “self, better go update that with the latest project” and then I said “SELF!! THAT IS THE LATEST PROJECT!! What have you been doing with yourself?!!” And then I spent some time reminding my Self that I have bought a house, moved, bought and started dying 40 lbs of wool, spinning that wool up for the shop yada yada. So I cut Self a break.

knitting, handknitting, sweater, larch, cardigan

However, I did have to admit that I had half a measly sleeve left, so this weekend I buckled down, finished it, sewed it together, and went out creeping around the garden so you all could see.

knitting, handknitting, sweater, larch, cardigan

Also, sitting on the stairs. Because that’s what I do in my new house.

The Pattern is Larch, and I’ve been eyeing it for a while now. I had some alpaca from New Hampshire Sheep and Wool that needed knitting, and I went at it… In February. Now in fairness, I did do all the things I told Self I was doing, so that did contribute to it taking an embarrassingly long 7 months to finish. However the other main contributors were the yarn, which was slippery and the needles which were too (dumb dumb. Wooden needles for alpaca, Kate!!). And the interminable collar. Now I have to say that I’m annoyed that I like the collar best of all the things I’ve tried for collars. It is however VERY SLOW knitting… ribbing with knit and purl twisted stitches. It makes a great collar. It takes forever. Especially when the yarn is slippy and you’re ready to throw it at the wall. So mainly a yarn choice issue. I love the finished sweater, but this one was definitely a product knit, not a process knit.

So I then emptied the yarn bag on the floor, making a giant mess and once again confirming that half of it is scraps and things that I don’t know what to do with. So I grabbed the bag of scraps and ran to knit night, where I formed a plan for a blanket which will eat those scraps and leave me with breathing room in the bag. Which I suspect I will need, as I’m heading to Rhinebeck next month. And that may require a little room in the bag for some new yarn…


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