My knitting bag didn’t open once since last Monday, which is knit night. The reason for this is that I finished the sweater, and don’t have anything else started. I tend to knit one thing at a time, for a few reasons, mostly having to do with being neurotic. This is fine when you have a bag of patterns and yarns that go with them. I have a pretty easy time casting on a pre-determined number of stitches and just following directions. Somewhere along the way, I got bored, or cocky, or something, and decided, to heck with directions, I know how to measure and multiply, I can make that. And I’ve found that to be true. I can design something that fits. Sometimes I’m re-inventing the wheel, which I totally get, but in my head, it somehow makes sense. However, measuring, gauge swatch, multiply? It can take me weeks to do this simple task. So in the general tally, buying patterns, 1; Kate, 0.

I’ve been wanting to cast on for a while. The problem of taking measurements and multiply has been increased exponentially by the choice of both pattern and colors. It’s paralyzed me for months. It’s totally the fault of my arch-enemy inertia. A body at rest remains at rest, a body in motion remains at rest… A body in bed stays there, a body on the couch stays there, a body trolling for patterns and ideas continues to troll, a body who waits too long to decide what’s for dinner orders out… The activation energy to get the pattern books out, chart out the patterns, pick colors, and THEN measure and do math? Very high. Plus, as exibited above, it makes an enormous mess.

As the Jam Experiment clearly predicts, the plethora of books, patterns, and choice of over 20 Jaimeson and Smith Shetland has only made it harder. I don’t really think I have a procrastination problem, but an inertia problem. This is probably the same semantics dance as the difference between a reason and an excuse*. Nevertheless. So I decided the right order of operations was to pick the pattern (as in the fair isle pattern charted out on graph paper) then play with colors and figure those out, then measure, multiply or find the shape I want in another pattern and adjust the gauge. I’m 100% through finding the patterns charted out on graph paper, and about 80% through finding the colors. I have an idea of what shape I want, namely something very similar to this gem found by the great Kate Davies. A cardigan (I think the next few will be cardigans…) with grey ribbing and edges, and some mashup of the below for the colors.


With any luck I’ll have something a little neater to show for myself soon.

*I think a reason and an excuse are exactly the same thing. The difference is your intention. If you’re explaining why you were late, and not expecting to be let off the hook for it, it’s your reason. Otherwise it’s an excuse.


3 thoughts on “Inertia

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  2. I’m backlinking your post to an article on Activation on my ADD-focused WordPress blog (intro to a series in draft exploring the differences between activation and motivation) Perhaps we can get a dialogue going on this one – ADD not required!

    Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, SCAC, MCC – (blogging at ADDandSoMuchMore and on ADDerWorld – dot com!)
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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