A few months ago I wrote about the shocking discovery that I really like simple sweaters. I vowed to use this knowledge to knit myself a simple sweater instead of looking for a pattern to satisfy my craze for fair isle, cables, bobbles, things. I cast on for the body and just went ahead without a clear plan for the rest. While knitting the body, I thought I’d do a simple raglan – no – a raglan with buttons on the seams – no – a set-in sleeve with buttons on the shoulder seam… I ended up convincing myself that to keep it simple and did a raglan with a simple braid on each raglan seam, which I continued through the neck hem.


Before it was blocked I was sure it was all getting ripped out and the swatch had lied and it was going to be too small. But after a wash and lay flat, I think it really fits pretty well. I ended up taking off the bottom ribbing, adding about 2″ of length, and reattaching the ribbing. (I hate knitting ribbing. I will Kitchener on a whole ribbing rather than knit it again.) I’m not sure why but I tend to have a hard time measuring both my length from waist to armhole, and the sweaters. Because I can measure them both, the numbers can match, and I’ll put it on to find it too short.


The Yarn is from 13 mile farm, and it’s my second sweater from that yarn. I bought it in Bozeman, MT on vacation the past two years and I still love love love it. Very warm, really nice to knit with, makes a very even fabric, and is predator-friendly to boot. If you can get your hands on some, don’t pass it by. I’ve been taking the inspiration behind this sweater to heart – that simple can be complex and vice versa, that simple doesn’t mean boring, and to really enjoy what you’re doing without complicating it. Hopefully it will remind me of that when I’m wearing it.


And now, I’m dying to pull out the fingering weight shetland and do something FUN!!


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