What to do…


So ended my Christmas Vacation. That there is the plain pullover getting its ribbing reattached after getting its body lengthened, with the help of a glass of homemade mead.


Sweater is blocking and I think I’m at least happy if not thrilled with it. But it’s fine. That emptied the project bag and so I got out the big bag in preparation of figuring out how to empty it.

It has recently slowly been creeping up on me that I have an acceptance problem. Often I’m upset with someone or something, and it occurs to me that what I am often upset about is not whatever it is, but that is isn’t bending to my idea of what the thing or person should be or be doing. I’m in reality upset that things aren’t as I expected them to be. And this is indeed sad, but does not require things or people to change, but rather often my expectations. I need to accept reality. I’d spend a lot less time banging against things if I accepted that it’s a wall and go find the door instead of looking for a sledgehammer.

Now, to apply this new knowledge. Here is some things I’ve noticed to be true. I have a lot of sweaters. I have sweaters that are good for work, good for hanging around the house, and good for going around town. Over the break it became clear that I have two sweaters for going out for nice dinner or holidays. And I have several shirts that are in need of shrugs or nicer, trendier, fancier sweaters. Despite frequently looking at my full closet and drawers, I’m constantly at a loss to put things together in the right way for the occasion. Yet when I look for sweaters to buy or make, I tend towards what I have rather than what I need.

Tonight, looking for another project, I spent a while here:

There is the entire contents of the bag. So lets talk about my reality vs. what is actually in the bag…
1. The bag of scraps? Very large. Probably 15% of the bag is the bag of scraps. These are really hard for me to use. Maybe everyone gets potholders next Christmas?
2. The bag that I thought was full of lopi scraps for a stripey sweater? Maybe stripey mittens… if I’m lucky.
3. I have a lot of Jamieson and Smith – YEAH!
4. I have a lot more satekili than I thought – YEAH!
5. The few random skeins leftover from other sweaters still doesn’t add up to anything useful…

Perhaps a larger stash is more useful than I thought… With reality in mind, I’ll have to ponder how to empty this bag. There have got to be some shrugs and party sweaters in there somewhere!


2 thoughts on “What to do…

  1. I’m having exactly the same problem: no cardigan or sweater to look nice worn with something else when trying to look a bit dressed up. I really need to refine my search on Ravelry. It’s a great thing that you’ve actually discovered this! it’s the first step towards a change 🙂

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