I don’t like resolutions. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because everyone makes the same ones and that’s really boring and hard to believe that this year is going to be the year that everyone drops 20 pounds. Also, I tend to set ridiculous goals and then am astonished that I cannot do everything. I cannot knit everything I’d like to while spinning everything I’d like to, run, ride and workout, bake all our bread, keep the house clean, read… you get the gist. The idea behind resolutions, though I think is good. It is a new year, in with the new out with the old. It is a fresh start. So is every day though. So while I have some other things I’ll be working on, here is one thing I’ve noticed. I have a lot of things queued to knit. I have a lot of ideas, in my head, on Ravelry, on Pinterest. I have a lot of books I’d like to read. I find these things while perusing the internet… interminably. I get a lot of ideas that way, but at some point, really, you need to step away from the computer (or now the iPhone… wonderful, distracting machine) and actually knit, or read, or play with the cat, or whatever. If I spent half the time doing that I spend farting around, oh the things I’d get done.


I used to have a goal of reading a book a month. I’d like to re-institute this. I learn an awful lot from books. I like to learn things. So I plan on reading through this pile and continuing to add to it.


And I have an awful lot of yarn and wool in the house. Not, compared to most, I believe, but if the bag is full, then there’s too much. There is also a house to be bought, and a budget to be tried out. And so there will this year be a renewed effort to empty the bag – which will be impossible… see the above photo.
This is the grand total of my vacation spinning. I was doing other fun things and am glad for it, so the moral of the story is not productivity. The moral of the story is that it must go in ‘the bag’ which is, as mentioned, full. And there is another pound to be spun from Turtle the Jacob Sheep, and then 7 pounds of Romney, plus some other stuff hanging around. And so I’m not going to make any impossible goals of knitting everything, or 12 sweaters. But if I can keep plugging away at the bag that would be great.

Happy New Year!


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