A Little Pride and Prejudice


It has become my tradition for the past 3 years to watch the BBC 6 hour “Pride and Prejudice” which I normally watch in one embarrassingly long sitting. This vacation has been pretty busy as vacations go for us, which has made it seem very long. Which is the best sort of vacation. So I’ve been sneaking in an hour here or there of my movie and knitting. And this being the last true night of vacation, since tomorrow night is as school night, I’m going to finish the last two hours and my sweater, hopefully. The sweater turned out to be fine. I might need to add an inch or so of length to the body but it doesn’t require a full re-knitting of the body, which was what I was dreading and expecting. So Yeah me!


This is the plain sweater I had planned and in the end I just had to add something. So along the raglan seams, I added a braid to each. So hopefully there’ll be something to show for myself soon on that front.

I’m still deciding if I want to make any resolutions. I normally shun resolutions. But maybe some vague re-evaluations might not be so pointless? Anyways, off to finish my movie.


One thought on “A Little Pride and Prejudice

  1. Watching the 6 hour long version is something of a habit for me too. As for the knitting side of things- I have been teaching myself to no avail but just wish I can eventually get to something that beautiful!

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