My Only Christmas Knitting

Now that Christmas is over and presents are delivered, I can show you want I was working on. I had wanted to make these mittens for a while, and this was a good excuse. My mother-in-law got these mittens wrapped up on Christmas.

glorias mittens12

The pattern is “Winterland/Vinterland” and the yarn was Satakieli. I’ve used this yarn for mittens before and am madly in love with it. Not the softest thing, but pretty soft, felts great, VERY warm.

glorias mittens11

I’m really excited with how they came out. Perfect fit, blocked really nicely, and they’re just darn cute. I liked how there was a different scene on each one – a church on one and a cozy house on the other.

glorias mittens06

I’m not a big fan of the corrugated ribbing that the pattern calls for, so instead I did two Latvian braids bordering a cuff with, on one mitten her initials and the other the year (2011).

glorias mittens03

So there you go, that’s the extent of it. I do have a sleeve and a body of a sweater, and the second sleeve started. I’m about 50% sure the body is all wrong and will be ripped back so while I remain in denial of that, I’m going to continue with the second sleeve, which is fine. Eventually I’ll come to grips and decide about the body. But until the sleeve is finished I can live in denial here. Oh joy.

Happy Knitting and Post Christmas Coma!


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