I have really few excuses besides my recent project being a gift and therefore not blog-able, and then just being plain old boring. But here are some thoughts.

Once again, there was the annual cookie baking party.


This year there was the addition of silly hats.


turned into this (We think 800+ again. We lost count…):


Which turned me into this:


and it took two beers and crying uncle before we started the meringues before any semblance of sanity returned. I think the meringues would have put us right over the edge.

But work folk seemed to love them, any excuse to gather and eat cookies and drink coffee instead of working! And last night the gifts got wrapped, I got my nails painted a shiny sparkly gold, and today was my last day of work this year. So things are looking good! Hopefully it’ll be a crafty, blog-filled break! But in the meanwhile, enjoy your Friday night and Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy Festivus, to the rest!


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