Valiant Effort


It’s not feeling very Christmas-y around here. Not for lack of trying, we have the party lights up, I’ve been trying to jam to Christmas music, we watched Christmas movies last weekend. I think because I’ve gotten so very good at avoiding all the Christmas stuff that starts around here in the beginning of November, I’m having a hard time switching gears. I always loved loved Christmas growing up. It was by far the best holiday, and not because I liked getting presents. There are so many traditions and familiar things and pretty twinkly lights that it’s just a warm and cozy time of year. But it has a time limit and if I start it in November, by the time it actually is Christmas, I’m so over it.

But this weekend we’re getting our tree, which will get all kinds of twinkly lights and ornaments I’ve been collecting, and hopefully it will feel ‘right’ by the end of the weekend. Notice how I’ve made a valiant effort to start it right with the tree-smelling candle, the candy canes and the red and green m&m’s. If that isn’t Christmas then I don’t know what to do!

And see that? That’s a weeks worth of knitting. I started this on Monday and it was addicting. The other side is adorable, I can’t show it to you yet, but trust me, it’s the kind of thing that makes one more row turn into one more row, then just one more… rinse and repeat for hours. Having a great time with that. The simple sweater needs a simple decision of whether to knit the arms then attach and proceed, or provisionally cast on arms and proceed. This simple decision has paralyzed the simple sweater and I’m choosing to go around and around on one more row until there aren’t and I actually have to make some sort of decision.

Happy weekend!


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