Only Tuesday?

Today was one of those days that nothing went right. Like as in I was better off yesterday. Things at work were further along yesterday, today was a 2 steps back sort of day. And since I’m documenting this year, here is today’s self portrait.


And that’s after pepping myself up a bit. Anyways, after a walk and a little run, a shower, and some food, I was feeling a little more like things were probably going to be ok.

Last week I started my simple sweater, the celebration of simplicity, the embodiment of my realization that I like simple sweaters. And it’s going swimmingly. It is, however, made up out of my head. And I’ve learned a few things about patterns that come out of my head, one of which is that sometimes, they don’t fit. And so before I proceed on, I want to try the thing on, which will be made infinitely easier when my knitpicks cable extender thingy arrives in the mail at the end of the week. Until then, and because, well, this sweater is painfully simple, and with Christmas being next month and all, I thought I’d start my one Christmas knitting project. And if I know you read this blog, sorry, they’re not for you. If you might happen upon it, because it is out on the internets after all, it might be for you, so I can’t tell you what it is. But here they both are together.

11-29-11-simple sweater and mitten

So I’m going to sit, in my lightbulb jammies, and knit for a while and hope tomorrow is a 1 step forward type of day.

lightbulb jammies


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