Seriously, BUSY!

Tomorrow is my favorite holiday of the whole year. And tonight was supposed to be a nice and relaxing baking type night. Instead we had beer bottles explode both in the oven an in my hand, did all the weeks laundry, organized photos from the first half of the year, poured beer on the floor, cleaned the floor, poured beer on the floor again (it’s bottling night… somehow the same night I’m baking 3 loaves of bread and making cranberry chutney…?)… It was that kind of night. So here are some photos I’m going to go sit on the couch and knit with pointy needles and hope the excitement is over for the night.


I learned how to braid my hair in a circle around my head. This made me exceedingly pleased.



I’m in charge of bread and cranberry chutney for 30 people. Done.

Happy Thanksgiving to you if your Turkey day is tomorrow!


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