Acer Cardigan

Ah ha! It is finished! And it is so very cozy.
I had about 6 versions of this sweater in my favorites before I realized it was all the same cardigan and that I was apparently madly in love with it. While we’ve been on again off again, I think in the end, this is totally worth it.


The “off again” came from my not being sure of the yarn. The wool came to me free as a destash from someone. It wasn’t exactly my color, I probably wouldn’t have picked it, but here it was. Finally I decided after a year or so that I should probably do something with that, so a few months ago, I spun it up, along with some other fluffs of wool that had been sitting around and it really was time to use it or lose it.


After I realized I loved the pattern, and also realized it was time for the yarn stash to lose some weight, I matched them up and went along. Once again, while I think I don’t like lace, I do. While I think knitting and paying attention makes it go slow, it doesn’t. While I prefer tiny needles, boy, size 5’s sure do make things go faster. The reasons I didn’t love it while knitting have nothing to do with the pattern. It is a lovely pattern, well written and accurate, and makes a thing that comes out the size and shape expected. The pattern is easy to memorize and pretty fun, pretty simple, with you only having to really pay attention on row 1 and 11 of a 16 row repeat. I think the reason I wasn’t sure has to do with how I have a hard time with things that need blocking because they look all shrivel-y and sloppy until that happens.


However, after a nice bath and a little time drying, I have to say, it is super cozy, looks pretty cute, has a great neckline, and I couldn’t have matched the buttons better if I’d spent days looking. (The buttons came from my big jar o buttons I bought with no idea what was in there.) So, WIN!

Acer-done_1 (1)


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