New Yarns

My sweater is almost finished, I have one sleeve cap, some seaming and some weaving in of ends to do, and then it is done. I’m dorkily dreaming of mittens, so I cannot wait to finish this sweater. Yes, I could start the mittens before the sweater is finished, but come on, we all know that the sweater would just sit for ages, I would never pick it up again, these are my least favorite knitting tasks…

In the meantime, since I have no useful photos of that, I’ll post a few photos of yarn which will be going up in the shop this week, so enjoy a little yarn p0rn!!





And I’m slowly learning, little by little, how to use my Photoshop. And today? I discovered batch editing. OMG WHAT A GREAT THING!!! WHERE HAS THAT BEEN ALL MY PHOTO-TAKING LIFE!!!!

Happy Tuesday!


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