November is the best month, it’s my most favorite and I am stupidly excited that it is here. Cold nights, my birthday, Thanksgiving (the best holiday of the year) and the beginning of the eating season. Most excellent.

I had hoped to have Acer done in October, but it just wasn’t to be. Almost there though, it’s got a front, back, button bands, and 2/3 of a sleeve.


The sleeve I’m doing on double pointeds, and I love it. I’ve been doing things in twos with magic loop (two socks, two sleeves, two cardigan fronts) but I am really a dpn girl when it comes down to it. I have a much easier time getting into the rhythm of it I do feel like I’m cheating on my dpns when I magic loop. Anyways, with any luck by next weekend it’ll be done and I can start something NEW!!! Which is good, because I spend most of my waking time trying to decide what comes next. I have a million ideas, but the thing I am coming back to most is color work, so I think that’s what it should be…
what next

That LL Bean sweater, I don’t love the colors but I do love it generally… bulky fair isle seems so fun…


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