Back to Work

Been busy, here’s a few things that are up here Chez Moi:

1. Cookies. There are a very few fruits and veggies that are still truly seasonal, at least around the Boston area. Asparagus is available all year round. So are tomatoes (granted they’re sad tomatoes). But pumpkins and cranberries are two fruits are still seasonal. You can only available a few weeks a year. This to me makes them better, you appreciate them so much more. We’ve had pumpkins up the wazzoo. We’ve had pumpkin soup, pumpkin and pancetta pizza (I highly recommend this one), and yesterday there was Pumpkin and Pecan cookies.
cookies (2)
cookies (1)
2. You’ll notice I also got a clicker remote for my camera. This allow me to take riveting photos of things like me watching cookies cook! And sitting in a chair!! And whatever else I do.
3. I’ve been spinning a bunch, there will be new yarns up in the shop and hopefully continuing to be be added throughout the fall, so keep checking in!
spinning oct 11 (2)

spinning oct 11 (1)

3. And Acer is coming along, almost done with the body hopefully will be closing the shoulders this weekend.

Acer (2)

I like it. I’m not sure I love it, but I at least like it.


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