Button Love

My paternal grandmother was, as it is told, a great seamstress. When it was time to sell their house after my grandfather died, my dad found things in the attic. There were plastic army men. Also a complete spirograph set, a full complete 64 crayon box of Crayolas. Of course, every one was there in the appropriate box. My dad as an only child never lost anything, and didn’t have any siblings to lose things for him. To this day when his comb or nail clipper or “special” whatever it is is lost, it clearly must have been one us meddling kids. He doesn’t lose things like that. Along with photo albums. In the basement were canned goods and salt (my grandmother couldn’t pass up a sale. The price and date of each purchase was of course marked on the carton.) There were hand planes for woodworking and the first and only old fashioned hand drill I’ve seen. Like an electric drill for drilling holes, but not electric and considerably more work. And my most prized possession was the box of buttons. It was this great cigar box type box, and inside was my grandmothers button collection, as well as the chalk fabric markers for marking hems and darts, and a few needles. I can remember big plastic buttons and little metal ones. It wasn’t a huge collection but I thought it was great. I was also 7, and somewhere along the way from 7 to 29, the box has been lost. I have a high hope that it is somewhere in a box at my parents house in the attic, which is entirely likely given the number of unopened boxes in there. But the fact remains that at the moment, I have no idea where it is and am actually deeply sad about that.

Over the weekend we went to Newburyport again, home of my favorite antiques barn, where I’ve previously purchased a jar of leather buttons which I love and have used. This time, as I have a sweater that will be hopefully done in a few weeks which will need buttons, I decided to buy another jar and hope something in there would help. From the first time I saw these jars of buttons in and antique shop, I fell in love with them. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve stopped myself from buying jars and jars of them. Aside from being very useful, I think they just look so nice in the jars! Besides. I bought a giant jar of buttons with hundreds of buttons in there for $25. While the non-button-buying public may not appreciate this, I can tell you that buttons are not in fact cheap and this is in fact a terrific deal.

buttons (6)

buttons (1)

And as if to give a sign that it was the right idea, while picking through them yesterday, I found not one, not two but 15 buttons the exact shade and shape I would have gone out in search of for my new sweater!!

buttons (2)

Maybe someday I’ll find Babcias buttons again, but in the meanwhile, I’ll just try not to lose these.


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