Busy but dripping snot…

Last weekend was spent at the beach where, while it apparently rained everywhere else and the forecast said the same for the beach, it was sunny and not too windy and quite nice! I went for a walk to the lighthouse with my camera, with the intention of getting some exercise and working on my mad photography skilz. Somewhere along the way I switched to black and white and it was so fun I just kept going…




I always feel very Elizabeth Bennett when I go for these walks. The idea of going for a walk because you like being outside and have nothing better to do pleases me. I just need a long skirt to muddy along the way and it would be perfect.

I also did a ton of knitting, and Acer is well on it’s way. Once again, I’m living on the edge and should have ‘just enough’ yarn, so cross your fingers!! So far it’s entertaining enough to keep going and take some attention.


Of course Monday night I went and got sick (sadly, my walk appeared to have more of a Jane Bennett effect). I have proceeded from the “wicked headache and totally out of it achey sore throat” part of this cold onto the “dripping snot and not fit for society” part. Hopefully this passes soon.


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