The Bag, It is Full

I have a sort of rule. All yarn must fit in “The Bag.” This is practically speaking due to the fact that I have a one bedroom apartment and given free reign, every surface would be covered. Sometimes it is already. But also, I have a certain problem with having more yarn than I know what to do with. This excel loving, spreadsheet making, list lover makes lists of everthing. What to do when I get home, what is for dinner each night this week, how many monies are in the bank, how many miles are on my bike for the year (and cumulative, of course)… The list of lists goes on. And one of these lists is “yarn and what I will make with it.” This is a panic inducing list when it gets too long instead of “oh, look at all the things I have that I can make!” it becomes “Ugh, look at the huge list of things I have to make.” This is partly a perspective problem with me and partly just how I am. If the yarn fits in the bag, it is certainly a limited amount of yarn and therefore the list is more “oh fun!” rather than “God, that’s a long list.”

Here is The Bag. And Little-bag. It is an extra large LL. Bean tote bag, with “Knitting” emblazoned on the side. You know, in case I hit my head and can’t remember what this big bag of string is for. Little bag is the project bag with the current project.

big and little

You’ll notice that The Bag is zipped shut. This is because it is so full that when you unzip it? It explodes. And this is with the contents of Little Bag removed… clearly The Bag needs a little diet. So the loom has been taken out and is eating yarn as we speak, and I’m all ready to work up a new cardigan, Acer, which will eat some handspun yarn. At least that’s the plan. And then onward and inward into the bag to eat a few more sweaters worth before it zips up again without grunting and swearing and squeezing and hopes that it is indeed a strong zipper.


Red Handspun Weaving

Here’s hoping.


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