Lest you think I stopped knitting…

Sean Tiny Sweater (2)

Earlier this week I finished a wee little sweater for a wee little Irish lad. Or rather the wee American lad, son of our very awesome upstairs neighbors, one of whom is Irish. Little Sean was born in July, and so, to be sure I couldn’t possibly be on time, I didn’t start it until the end of July (in my defense we were camping and a white wool sweater did not seem like practical camping knitting).

Sean Tiny Sweater (4)

This sweater pleases me to no end. I’ve been walking around petting it and looking at it and thinking how cute and TINY it is, just like Sean Tiny (to distinguish him from his father, the adult, not tiny Sean). A little fisherman knit sweater with X’s and O’s. It is just Too. Cute.

Sean Tiny Sweater (6)

It is knit to the dimensions I found online for a 6-9 month old sweater, but has no written pattern, I just swatched and found a pattern that added up to the right amount of inches and forged ahead.

So welcome, Sean Tiny, may there be many happy warm wooly days in your future!


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