Another Awesome Weekend

cape-september (4)

Last weekend it was finally cool fall weather. I took the train down and conned my brother into picking me up and driving me down to the beach. We piled the animals – the dog, who is a real live version of Doug from “Up” and the geriatric Bill, who has to come because he needs his twice daily insulin shots despite his protests, into the car and drove down to the beach. Scout, who moonlights as Scott sometimes (Scott is the more suave version of the drooling can’t-hide-his-excitement, ice-loving Scout) has too much energy. So he prompted on a long 6 mile walk to the lighthouse. He loved it. He went swimming. I don’t do water, so I stayed nice and dry.

scout swimming september (1)

Kate-cape-september (4)

I love the beach at fall. The snails leave these tracks as they walk from one rock to the other. Slowly. Probably cursing the little kids who come by, pluck them off and throw them off into the water yelling “be free!!” “G. D. kids, took me all week to get up there!” is what they’re probably thinking in their tiny snail brains.

cape-september (2)

After the walk we went home, made a delicious dinner, tried our best to sit outside by the fire pit (with a cold wind blowing, in the dark… we went inside after a requisite amount of time), and watched some “Curb Your Enthusiasm” until I fell asleep on the couch. Perfect day.


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