Bring on the Fall

Another rainy day. It has been a busy few weeks. It’s always a busy few weeks, isn’t it? Every season, I think, “Oh good, it’s (spring, summer, fall, winter, take your pick). Finally things will settle down.” And they never do. I suspect this fall will be no exception. But things are at least settling into a schedule. Somehow, during the 2 weeks we were out West, the light in New England changed. It hit the critical point for sunrise where it is not coming up just as I’m leaving on my bicycle for work. It used to be that the sun was up long before that, and it seemed like 5:50 was a perfectly reasonable time to be out of bed, and 6:20 was a perfectly reasonable time to get on one’s bicycle. Now, however, 5:50 looks much more like a time to stay in bed, and 6:20 is looking like a pretty good time to be still in bed too… This makes eating my breakfast a much grumpier activity and getting out the door harder. But still worth doing.
I am a big believer and lover of cycles. I love that things come around again, and seem familiar and there is always something to look forward to.* And the light coming from a lower angle, and being decidedly more orange is one of the signs that the trees are going to change soon and it’s going to be cool soon and, best of all, it is once again a reasonable time to be wearing WOOL!! And as such, here is some evidence of knitting, a baby sweater for our awesome brand new upstairs neighbor, Baby Sean 🙂 I’ve yet to meet him but I’m sure he’s awesome.

seans sweater

Last weekend, my sister and I, of 800 cookie and 8 quarts of strawberries fame, did something amazing. We canned tomatoes, and for once, we didn’t overdo it. Mostly because we didn’t realize how much of the tomatoes would be gone after peeling and coring. Otherwise we would totally have overdone it. But it was a great time, even if it yielded only 3 quarts each plus the two we donated to my mother who kept walking around saying things like “oh how pretty those jars of tomatoes are! Oh how, I love tomatoes. I love home canned tomatoes. Boy, those look great.” But we are armed with a ridiculous amount of jars for the rest of the season and next year will be ordering 2 bushels of tomatoes.

Canning (3)

Canning (1)

Aside from that, there was also knitting on the porch, wearing of sweatshirts and blankets, and a firepit of great success. It was a great labor day weekend, and no, onto the good stuff!

firepit labor day (2)

*Except snow. After last winter, I would be thrilled if I never saw snow on my city streets again. Out in the boonies, fine, out where we go xc skiing, fine, but on my street, no thank you, please skip us this year.


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