I’ve not been doing nothing…

Even though it seems like it. It got hot this summer, and touching wool seemed, well, unwise, if not at the very least uncomfortable. It then got busy, with visits to Tanglewood and packing up for a trip, and then a 2 week hiking-camping-reading-and-knitting-while-Greg-Fished vacation. So here is a little photo essay of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation (from the blog).”

1. Tanglewood – the summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. It was the Second Annual Outing for our family, and with impending rain, we got tickets in the Shed. Now, as it turns our, the Shed is for Real People, while the Lawn is for the riff raff (if there is riff raff at a classical concert) and we are most certainly more riff raff than Real People. Thankfully at halftime, we realized this and moved outside with our wine and mini-cakes (smurf colored, which should have been our first clue that we were in fact the riff raff) and were much better off, as were the people around us.

Tanglewood July 2011 (114)

Tanglewood July 2011 (97)

Tanglewood July 2011 (83)

Tanglewood July 2011 (58)

2. Vacation in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. This has been an annual even for Greg and I. It was in fact where I earned my proposal, as I was deemed worthy of going on vacation with, which indeed an important wifely quality. This time it was 2 glorious, dirty, campy, hikey, cooky week of campfires, hiking, bugs, no showers, and general fantastic-ness.

Cold Morning Snake River Camping (4)

Ice on Cold Morning Snake River (11)
At least two of the mornings we woke to frost on the tables, it was that cold. I was amazed at the 50F temperature swings, we were in shorts and tanks in the afternoon, and every shirt we could find and hats and fantasizing about long undies in the mornings.

Sulfur Springs Yellowstone (7)
A drive through Yellowstone National Park and the awesome little bacterial farms that live in the sulfur springs. Stinky, but pretty.

Ted Turners Ranch (11)

Greg Fishing Spanish Lakes (18)

Laundry at Greek Creek (4)
Doing Laundry, so we weren’t completely Dirty Hippies.

Kate knits at Cabin Creek (1)
And of course, knitting.

b and w Snake River (17)

Mac and Cheese Wy (3)

Evening Fishing Snake River WY (15)
Overall, pretty pleased with myself and our vacation. And now, onwards to cooler weather and knitting and all that jazz. I’ll kick it off again tomorrow with a hunkering day with Hurricane Irene outside my door tomorrow.