100F and a new Sweater

Cherry started off so quickly! And it went very quickly until the sleeves. Up to this point, I could be delusional, but eventually I actually did run out of yarn… So I unraveled the swatch. I did surgery like I did with the green new favorite sweater and took out some length to gather some more yarn. Eventually, I had this.


See those little balls? That’s it to finish a whole sleeve and button band. I’m not an optimist but I can be delusional so I just just kept plugging along and gosh darn it if it didn’t work. I had around 3 yards left total if you add up all the scraps I saved etc. Close call! But it’s done. Then, of course, it got hot, and I didn’t feel like blocking it, then it got hotter and I didn’t feel like putting it on to model it. Then I brought it to the cape and it finally got the right temp for it, so it finally got it’s photo shoot.

cherry collage

It fits very well, is very flattering, and was easy and interesting to knit. I was just a procrastinating fart or it could have been done in a few weeks. I wore it to work on Monday and no one said a thing, which means it looks store bought. Score!

It is, of course, 100F out now, and so knitting and spinning has been on hold until it gets a little cooler. But the socks are coming along, eventually maybe I’ll get those sorted out also.

Keep Cool!


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