A Lovely Walk

Last weekend, Sunday was a free day with nothing planned, and so we went for a walk around with the camera.

Cambridge_walk_july_2011 (17)

We found some lovely houses, with lovely gates to keep out the riff raff.

Cambridge_walk_july_2011 (13)

I felt a little like the Tramp in Lady and the Tramp, where they’re walking around looking for Lady’s house, and he’s describing all the people and neighborhoods. Where we live there are some BEAUTIFUL houses that we would never be able to afford, but holy moly they are nice. I’ve been working on playing with the camera, since we’re headed out to Montana for the first time with a nice camera, I want to be more familiar with how to take Most Fantastic photos.

Cambridge_walk_july_2011 (8)

I’d been toying with the idea of a fisheye lens for the trip, but I’m thinking I’ll save my monies and maybe have one next year instead. We visited the Harvard Co-op Bookstore. I haven’t been in a real live bookstore (even though there are several within a few miles of my home) in a while, and I LOVE BOOKSTORES! They are so inspiring, making me wish I could curl up with a book for days and days, there are so many things to learn and read.

Cambridge_walk_july_2011 (1)

On the way home, we determined that we were hungry and so while we made dinner, the wine was chillin’ (ghetto style in a steel bowl in the sink) and the cheese was unwrapped and we had a wine and cheese party, all by our lonesomes. It was the perfect end to a great walk.

Cambridge_walk_july_2011 (28)

Cambridge_walk_july_2011 (27)

It was a great walk. I don’t take the time to do that enough, must remind myself to chill out every once in a while 🙂


One thought on “A Lovely Walk

  1. I love your neighbourhood! My street is just like that. So many great houses, but hardly anyone can afford them. Most have been converted into offices 😦

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