Friday Night … socks?

Cherry is cute, fits and because I’m the laziest person ever, not yet blocked… soon. But we have booked our two week vacation to glorious Montana, which will involve a lot of camping, hiking, and Greg Fishing… which means I will have plenty of knitting time and no space for it. In preparation I’m going to spin up a bunch of sock yarn so I at least have something to do while we’re fishing!

Here is some freckle face fiber merino in Wild Strawberry and the orange in it is really awesome!

fffstrawberry wool

fffstrawberry singles

And I’m knitting up some socks with some handspun from earlier and they’re very entertaining!

abigail socks

I swear at some point I’ll get that Cherry finished for real (It even has buttons. I’m seriously the most lazy ever.)

I haven’t mentioned my bike commuting recently (or anything, because I’ve been the laziest blogger ever also). But, it’s going great. I’ve so far as of today, commuted to work 38 times this year, and saved $82 in gas. Also of exciting note, I’ve ridden 1025 miles so far this year, which I’m insanely proud of, since it surpasses my previous total highest mileage for a YEAR! I celebrated by rewarding myself with a new saddle, I tried out a bunch and settled on a fancy copper riveted Brooks B17, I can’t wait to get it on and broken in! I splurged for the fancy version, because people say these are indestructible, and if I’m going to have it forever, I want the pretty one! When I get it on and together I have a post in mind all about how the biking has been going.

Happy 4th weekend, USA!


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