Productivity Catch-up

While I’ve been quite, I haven’t been too lazy! I did get a bunch of wool spun up and wound, washed and re-wound, I ended up with about 2500 yds total spun up so that’s encouraging. The Jacob fleece is about half carded and soon I’ll hopefully have that spun up!!



There is about 700 yds of the green/orange which I dyed from the shetland fleece I bought two years ago (FINALLY!) and 1000 yds of the deep purple, which was a free bag of wool which I wasn’t excited about when I got it, but when I started spinning, I couldn’t figure out why, because it was lovely. And two random bits of merino which will go up in the shop eventually, about 3-400 yds each of a purple sock weight and a green sport weight. Busy!

All this was partly to avoid the Cherry sweater. And this is why…


See those little balls? They were salvaged from a little surgery to shorten the sweater a tiny bit when I discovered two things. (1) there was no way I had enough yarn and (2) it was about an inch too long. When one door closes, another opens… Each part was the same amount too long, so I think they were all measured correctly according to the pattern, but perhaps the pattern is an inch too long? Anyways, I did my fancy take it apart, extract some yarn, put back together trick and then came the part where I had to cross my fingers and hope it was enough. I was not up for dealing with the possibility of being a few feet short of enough yarn until two nights ago, when I decided it was now or never… And I’m pleased to say that there was in fact JUST enough yarn. Probably within 3 yards. Phew! And it looks great. It’ll be blocking tonight… Yeah! What next?


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