Part II: In which a ridiculous amount of Jam is made

And so our heroines return from the farm famished, but luckily there is salad to be had and naan and everyone recovers from near-monster-hungry.

Now this is the same sister with which there was the 800+ Christmas cookie extravaganza. From this you should take that under or just-doing it is not our style. Give me overdone or give me death. And so we began hulling the strawberries. One quart. Two Quarts. At some point it occurred to us to look up a recipe, which we determined called for 2 cups of puree and 4 cups of sugar. We did some quick mental math and some measuring and decided to stop pureeing at 4 quarts because, well, that’s a lot of sugar…

Red Fire Farm Day (19)

We then walked across the street to the grocery then I proceeded to embarrass my math skills, which I swear are good. The recipe claimed to make 5 pints. We had 4 recipes worth… and the tupperwear held things like 1.25 cups, or 2.25 cups, and I felt really dumb. At any rate we came home with 4 packets of pectin, what we assumed would add to 40 cups of jam worth of containers (plus what I’d brought from home, futilely thinking would be enough… it was like 5 cups worth) and proceeded to hull, boil, mix, wait, pour, and stack Jam. Luckily for us, since my math was lousy, it made 5 CUPS not 5 PINTS. Minor detail. Anyways, we had a shit ton.

Red Fire Farm Day (17)

Red Fire Farm Day (11)

I show the second photo to elaborate on the herb picking. I mentioned we picked herbs. What we really picked was more forest like. And since we’d previously, on the drive home, over-zealously declared “fresh pasta!! With Fresh Pesto!!” of course we then set about doing that. But not before we tried to heroically use the rest of the strawberries… With cake.

Red Fire Farm Day (3)

This is strawberry cake. It comes from food-porn blog smitten kitchen. You should make this. It is delicious. Sadly, it consumes less than 1 quart of strawberries, leaving us with 3, but totally worth it.

Anyway I digress. And so we made pasta. And pesto. It was delicious

Red Fire Farm Day (7)

Red Fire Farm Day (8)

Red Fire Farm Day (6)

Red Fire Farm Day (1)

Freakishly delicious and totally worth it. After 12 hours of picking, cooking, baking, pasta making, and eating, I toddled on home and recovered with my remaining 2 pints of strawberries, which have since been frozen in sugar, awaiting daqueries or pancakes… because I couldn’t muster the strength to make strawberry leather as I’d intended. Alas, overdone must stop and some point.


One thought on “Part II: In which a ridiculous amount of Jam is made

  1. GOod work!

    You remind me of myself. I’m an overdoer. I make homemade noodles now and then; my strawberries (all 26 pounds) are in the freezer awaiting my jam making motivation. And we had garlic scape pesto for dinner last night — a first, and yummy.

    It’s exhausting but so satisfying. Keep it up!

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