In Which City Mice Wear Inappropriate Footwear

Herein lies the first installment of a multi-post memoir of a fabulous day of picking, cooking and eating.

My 1/3 lawyer of a sister is a member of a CSA based in central Massachusetts. As such, she is entitled to pick-your-own privileges. She brought up on a Friday her desire to go pick things on Saturday, and despite the rain forcast, I thought it was a fabulous idea. And so, in the rain, we embarked on the drive out there. I was thinking ‘WTF, that’s a long drive’ but then what else was I doing? So we drove out, through downpours, wondering about our questionable footwear as we went and discussing future trips to Europe and pastry classes, and were soon there.

We pulled in and there immediately decided it was the greatest idea of all time. We were there to pick 8 quarts of strawberries, 2 pints of peas, and as many herbs as we could carry. And so we began.

Red Fire Farm Day (61)

We began with Peas. At first we weren’t quite sure about it, but after we traveled down the row we discovered there were in fact plenty of peas. They were delicious. Being organic Peas, I tried more than a few just to be sure they were Very Good Peas, which of course they were.

Red Fire Farm Day (64)

We then proceeded to the Strawberries. There were thousands. Millions. Probably more. They were delicious and super red and small and did I mention delicious? Because I also sampled these, you know, just to be sure. They make such a satisfying popping snapping sound when you pick them! We discussed craft beer, and if we were in fact peasant stock meant to work in the fields. We determined we were in fact peasant stock, but need stronger backs.

Red Fire Farm Day (57)

Red Fire Farm Day (59)

Red Fire Farm Day (54)

There were other people there, several kids in backpack type things, and lots of strawberry picking. After we filled our 8 quarts, we went in search of herbs.

Red Fire Farm Day (36)

Everything was perfectly labeled and plentiful, we came home with chives, thyme, basil, oregano, mint, marjoram, parsley, maybe something else too, I’ve lost count…

Red Fire Farm Day (34)

Red Fire Farm Day (35)

Red Fire Farm Day (31)

Red Fire Farm Day (28)

When we were done the Very Nice Lady let us use the hose to rinse off our questionable footwear and feet, and we were off back home for Part Deux: In which a knitter and a 1/3 lawyer make a ridiculous amount of jam. Stay Tuned…


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