Another Weekend Has Arrived

And I’ve been a blogging slacker mcslackerpants. Sorry ’bout that. I’ve been doing things though, I swear!

Last weekend was the first weekend at the beach and while it was cold and damp for part of it, just foggy others, and two great afternoons, it was perfect. My 1/3 lawyer sister brought two kitties she was kitty-sitting and I’m shocked that she left with them. As in that I didn’t steal them. They were so freakishly cute and tiny! And such lovebugs. We arrived and within 3 minutes of sitting on the couch, Boomer had come up, climbed on my lap, and then plopped himself down for a nap. We played string and tops and just generally kitten play, they were entirely too entertaining to be believed. They also thought knitting was a neat trick.



boomer and galt (2)

Scout, the adorable still-pees-when-he’s-excited newest member of my family was also there. He was pretty sure he was the most attractive puppy there, getting a little older and mature looking, but still not quite very brave. He was OK being on the pier, but any suggestion of getting on the finger-pier attached to it which moves was definitely sounding too dangerous to him. He was pretty sure that was a bad idea… He did go swimming though, and went all the way in to his belly! Putting his head underwater is still right out though. I learned that Scout likes to eat wool, also, since he wouldn’t leave me alone when the fluffy stuff was around and I pulled more than one handful out of his mouth…

scout (2)

scout doesn't like pier

greg and scout 1 (5)

We also checked out a fantastic restoration place where old tubs and doors and windows and mantles and anything else that comes out of demolished houses go to live. It was amazing. An entire factory floor of over 500 tubs of all shapes, sizes, clawfoot and otherwise, it was great. Went antiquing in New Bedford as well, which was entertaining as always. After spending the first 29 years of my life without ever seeing a cast iron stovetop waffle maker, I saw no less than 3, I loved them!

I also got a bunch of carding finished and while I have no photos of wooly pursuits, I did get further along in my carding endeavors and am working my way through some wool I’ve had sitting around for at least a year that I’d like to get through before I start on the new wool, that’s my incentive to get through the old stuff!


One thought on “Another Weekend Has Arrived

  1. You are a great man than I, Gunga Din. I would’ve been completely powerless in the face of all that animal cuteness. The kittens would’ve ended up stuffed down my shirt.

    Eating wool, though? That’s not so cute.

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