Summer Has Arrived

blue toes

May in Boston was a bit of a weather disaster, with weeks of rain and 50’s until this week, summer came bursting on the scene. Last weekend was the first tease, and my 1/3 lawyer sister and I went to get our nails done and what heck, toes too. And while you’re at it, paint them blue. I think they look super fantastic in their chaco sandals. The weather is so fantastic, it’s been such a treat to ride in the not-rain to and from work. I know lots of people, including myself in August are dreading the summer weather, but I am thrilled. I’m of the opinion that you can only complain about it being too hot OR too cold. Not both, you can’t be happy ONLY when it’s 72F . And since I seem to run cold anyways, being too warm is kind of like complaining that you only have 3 months of vacation or that your husband only does the dishes 6 nights a week. Sorry dude, not a real problem.

And as such, we have lettuce which I’m sure we’ll kill within a week or two* lining the steps.


And we’re having asparagus lemon pasta deliciousness for dinner. Again. I know we’re a tad past asparagus season, but I only recently discovered that I LOVES it and it reminds me of being in Munich at the end of April where there were stands and stands and stands full of asparagus.

lemon asparagus

cheese and bread

And so I’m sitting down again to knit on Cherry, which I expect will be done by the end of the LONG WEEKEND COMING UP. Oh, did I mention I’m excited about the long weekend. No? You know, the 3 DAYS OFF IN A ROW? Hunh. Funny. I thought for sure I’d mentioned that.

working on front 2

*we have red thumbs (red is the opposite of green). I’ve managed to kill mint. Again. For real.


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