Woolly Pursuits

So, back to woolly pursuits. The Cherry sweater has a back and about a third of the front completed, and is zipping right along. There has also been washing of fleeces. The Jacob has been separated out and is about 90% washed, and 20% carded.

alethia and turtle

I’ve never honestly tried hand-carding before. I mean, I had hand cards, and I’ve made a few really lousy rolags which I was not impressed with spinning, and determined it’s too slow and I hates it. However, since I intend to card this Jacob fleece, and I do not have a drum carder, nor a spare $700 (especially since I’ve got my eye on $200 wool combs…) I should probably try a less half assed attempt to learn to card properly.


And guys, it’s not bad. It’s kinda fun. I actually liked it. And my new and improved rolags beat the PANTS off of the ones I was making that I hated spinning from, so I expect the spinning of these to be much nicer. Everyone says spinning from hand carded rolags is the way to go, so I’m hoping for some great success here.

And, in other exciting news, my sister and I made an excellent trip to the Goodwill store and came out $7 poorer but with a roasting pan and what we’ll call a sheet (there is some discussion about whether it is a sheet, a curtain, or a shower curtain. There was a brief discussion of it also being a duvet cover. Whatever. It’s $1.99 which is the part I care about). With that excellent purchase, I intend to wash my Romney fleece, keeping the locks intact for combing.

alethia preswash2

It’s so PRETTY! And it smells so SHEEPY in a good way. Very excited to start that. I’m trying to get through spinning my last fleeces worth of wool so I can start on these. SQUEE!!!


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