New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

Last Saturday I had a great time. This was my third time at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool and it’s interesting how your focus shifts depending on where you are in your projects. The first year I was a new spinner and bought some alpaca/cormo blended roving. The second year I purchased some yarn from some dorset horned sheep, and a shetland fleece to process myself. I was interested in breeds I had no experience with. This year followed in that step, but I may have overdone it a wee bit…

But some gratuitous fibery photos first:
Hey Guys.


Rasta sheep

So cute, it hurts. Little wiggly noses.

A friend and I drove up to New Hampshire, which made for a quick trip, and thankfully the clouds stayed clouds and didn’t turn to rain. We had a great time. I poked around in all the fiber barns, squishing fleeces and learning about the different breeds. I wanted to try at least one new type of fleece, and I ended up coming home with two. The first fleece I bought was a Jacob named Turtle. Spotted dark brown, dark, medium and light grey with a very little ‘white,’ which is more silver I suspect. I was surprised it was as soft as it was, perhaps I just didn’t know what to expect. That one I split up right upon getting home and began washing it. The dark brown is washed and in the middle of carding!

The second was an 8 pound first fleece from a Romney names Alethita. Dark charcoal with sunbleached tips, very soft. This one will be for learning to comb.

And while we were there, checked out the sheepies, and the alpaca which amuse me to no end. I love the sheared alpaca with the puffs for heads! It was a great time had by all.


One thought on “New Hampshire Sheep and Wool

  1. Hope you had fun.

    I just took home a charcoal Romney fleece myself last weekend. I have to finished scouring the white Romney fleece I bought the weekend before.

    Must stop doing that. But it’s hard.

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