Great End To the Week

This week was a pretty good week. Firstly, it went quickly. Gotta love a week when you’re surprised it’s Friday already instead of the usual where it’s ‘only Thursday.’ I think this is at least in part because of my bike commuting. 4 days riding in on the twocycle, total of 96 miles biked (this includes two ‘long way home’ days) and re-discovering a fantastic stretch of road that I intend to make part of my normal ‘long ways home.’ I really look forward to the ride home, which I think makes the day more tolerable. And, being the queen of efficiency that I am, I am feeling rather smugly clever to be combining commuting and working out, this pleases me to no end. I am jealous of every runner I see, but I can’t run right now, so I shall bike my tushy off. Speaking of which, I’ve ordered a few new pairs of shorts. I have two good ones and two that make me hate life. I’ve also ordered some magic stuff which should make these tolerable but generally speaking, I think your clothes should be comfortable, otherwise what’s the point?


I’ve also made mad progress on Cherry. I kept intending to pick it up for just a minute and then it was bedtime, but it’s almost to the armholes and I’m still in love with it.

fishing widow

Today’s weather was fantastic. Greg is off fishing, so I’m home, the laundry is half done, dishes are done, pizza is in the oven, and I’m getting ready to settle down with what’s on the table: a beer, Cherry, and my sheepie book.

in sheeps clothing

And the reason is… tomorrow is New Hampshire Sheep and Wool!! Co-workers laugh but I’m freakishly excited. Looking for my second fleece to process (one without guard hairs this time, thankyouverymuch) and whatever else I find that suits my fancy. I can’t wait. Off to check the pizza, happy Friday!


One thought on “Great End To the Week

  1. Life is definitely too short to wear bike shorts that make you hate biking.

    Have a good time at NH Sheep&Wool!

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