wound yarn2

I’ve started a new sweater. A few months ago, I traded in the extra from my new favorite sweater and walked around the yarn shop for 20 minutes. For some reason nothing really stood out, except this pale pink alpaca. I kept stopping at it and then deciding, come on Kate, you don’t wear rose petal pink, and kept going. Finally after stopping at it a few times, I decided to stop creeping around the yarn shop and get it. So I came home with 660 yds of baby pink sport weight alpaca and no plan.

starting the back

While surfing through Mags‘ blog, I came across Cherry (rav link) and it made sense. I wouldn’t normally pick it because (a) it’s short sleeved and well, if it’s cold enough that I want a sweater, I probably want sleeves, an (b) it had an all over pattern making it not mindless. But it did fit the bill, and it did look cute and what the heck. So I cast on.


And guys. I can’t stop. It’s so fun. It’s so fuzzy and comfy and just pleasant to work with. And then those little twisties! So fun!! Hopefully quick progress continues.


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