Today is not your day.

This is the end of my day.

flat tire hands

You see a messenger bag, containing clothes from the day. Bike shoes. And my hand. Note carefully the dirt on my hand. Let’s just say this wasn’t my day.

I get to work, speedy bike commute, beautiful morning, no moron drivers, life is looking good. Internet is down at work. Has been on and off all week. How this occurs at a “world class facility” I will never know. But it’s not that great of a thing. Friday is Bagel Day at work. Each week, someone different has signed up to bring bagels. Typically, you know the natives get restless around 8 am. So one would assume if one rode their bike to work, there would be bagels by 8 am… 9 am was more like it today. Whatever. I am the organizer of this group of carb lovers. I was voluntold* to do this, and I’m giving up my chairmanship after being yelled at by someone not even in the group of bagel providers. Somehow, by 9 am, I had bagel drama, no internets, and was on the edge of monster hungry. This was not looking good.

Food consumed, I continued on making graphs in excel for a report due today. Excel has decided that it wants to redraw my graph every time I touch it. Seeing as how I have to change 10 different series on it’s graph to “pink,” this was not good. It mean it took me 20 minutes to make each of 6 graphs. This was not looking good, but seeing as how the bagels had exploded in my face, it was about par for the course. A series of other annoyances followed, and by 4 pm I could not be happier than I was to get on my twocycle and cycle my little tooshie home where there was a beer in the fridge.

And then, about 3 miles in, while contemplating that I really should have lubed my chain, which was sounding rather like a nest of baby mice, I felt the familiar bump, squish, fpt fpt fpt of a flat tire. And that is how my fingers got so very dirty and how the end of my no good very bad day ended. And you know what, compared to being in my windowless office fighting excel to make one line all “pink,” I didn’t mind one bit to be changing a tire on a sunny day. Thankfully the end of my trip consisted of nothing worse than a bike salmon** and I was soon home.

At this point, I put up my hands, backed away slowly from my day, and did the only sane thing I could think of. I grabbed my knitting, a homebrew in a glass and went and sat outside where there was no excel, no tires, no bagels or people to yell at me about them, and just worked on the ‘not my socks.’ The ‘not my’ part shall be explained soon.

socks and beer

knitting pint

So a synopsis of this weeks bike commute:

89 miles total, 4 days of bike commuting, 2.26 gallons of gas saved, rode in the rain one day with the pleasant discovery that it is possible and not so unpleasant, and one day of long way home, passing cows and sheepies and getting a great workout. Totally worth it every day.

*voluntold = when someone who is your superior volunteers you for something

**bike salmon = people who are going the wrong way. This woman was somewhat cluelessly barreling towards me in the bike lane on my side, when there was a perfectly excellent bike lane on just the other side of the street going in exactly the direction she was. Curious.


2 thoughts on “Today is not your day.

  1. oh dear what a dreadful day! I love this ‘bike salmon’ expression, it’s so accurate and funny. It seems like there are bike salmons every season and in the whole world, I also bike to work (less than you only 6 miles a day) and find many salmons too!

  2. Oh my. Big hugs. Bah to yelling people, and stupid Excel.

    If it helps, I laughed out loud at “bike salmon”. I’d never heard of the phrase, but it’s so perfect that now I can’t believe this is the first time.

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