The Happiest Man Alive, Among Others

This past Saturday was the Gore Place Sheep Shearing Festival. Harrison Wheelworks was there, assuring people that yes, you can still spin wool and it does in fact work. The kids were fascinated as always, along with the grown men, who were not less interested. By the end of the day looked like this, disheveled and a bit empty, which is just how it should be. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

gore place end

And while there I saw several friends, an ex-coworker and his family, and old friend from elementary school, lots of kids and families, spinners, knitters, spinners and knitters to be, the lovely and talented Marrianne, and also the happiest man alive. And by that I mean the happiest man to be alive. I have never met someone so happy to be alive. At first I didn’t realize it. He was a laid back guy, in an tweed cap, not that old, mid 50’s maybe, tall. He was there with his family, his wife, wife’s sister and her husband and kid. And he wanted to know how the spinning wheel works. And so I showed him, explained it all, and this is where most people then say thanks, cool, see ya! Nope. Happiest Man stuck around. Just smiling and talking and hanging out. He told me about how he was retired, he retired at 49, after a heart transplant. “Your heart beats 10000 a day, did you know that? 10000 TIMES A DAY!! That’s AMAZING!!! That’s like 10000 gifts. You don’t appreciate it the first time around. I’m appreciating this second heart.” And then he talked about his pug puppy, and how he met his doctor, who’d stood over him for 18 hours, in a cafeteria and he was amazed that for all that the doctor had done, he was chatting with him, over lunch, about his two pugs, and wasn’t that cool? I don’t think Happiest Man had just had this transplant, I think it’d been at least a year or possibly longer, like 5 years. And he was truly just happy to be alive, taking it all in and having a great time chatting about spinning wheels and pugs. He definitely gave me pause, I am a lousy appreciator, I tend to be too busy most of the time. But I’ll be more attentive from now on to how cool life is. 10,000 a day, that IS pretty cool….


3 thoughts on “The Happiest Man Alive, Among Others

  1. Wow. Talk about perspective. I’m actually pretty sure it’s 100,000 (my heartrate is 68 a minute, times 60 minutes in an hour, times 24 hours = 97,920), but that’s even MORE amazing.

  2. It was great to see you, I’m glad you had a good day.

    That story about the happy man is amazing, it really reminds you to appreciate what you have!

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