Where did those two weeks go? We are in the middle of trying to do a Very Exciting Thing, as my sister would say. It’s also a Very Expensive Thing and therefore a Very Stressful Thing. Alas, it continues so I expect to be MIA on and off here for a while. But when the Very Exciting Thing happens, I suspect it will be, just as its name suggests, very exciting.

I haven’t been totally useless here, although very nearly. While I’ve cooked dinner exactly 3 times and slept less than normal, I have a few things to show for myself.
fat cat knits sock chevalier and abigail
Sock yarn! Both are spun from Fat Cat Knits wool. Left is Chevalier on BFL and about 320 yds, not quite there. Still fine for socks though. On the right is Abigail on Polworth, which I really like spinning. Tres exciting, I got about 380 yds of that, MUCH closer to the 400 I was aiming for. So, cool! I’ll be starting some socks as soon as I finish the below…

Elis blanket
Eli’s blanket. This is for my sisters’ Beau’s cousin’s baby… Eli. I don’t know Eli, but I bet he’s cute so it’s nice for him to have a blanket. And if he’s not cute, well, the blanket can be used in place of a paper bag when they go out. KIDDING. It’s nearly done, hopefully done this week. So that’s about it. It’s Friday so I’m heading to the kitchen to crack a beer and go put my feet up and work on Eli’s blanket/cover-up.


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