Fried Pillows… Delish!

martha and dad chruscki
What is it? What’s in there?

dad making chruscki

frying chruscki

drying chruscki



DELICIOUS!!!! My sister instigated a Polish Easter Food Fest. We made some Chocolate babkas which I cannot show you because I didn’t photograph, but they were delicious. And horrific, since I saw what went into them, but delicious. And these little fried dough pillows of delight, chrusciki. You should make these and eat them. I would then lay off the ham the next day at Easter unless you want to end up like me, 4 pounds heavier by the end of the day, but well worth it.


A Few Comforts

Today started with bloodwork (probably bottom on the list of things I like to do) and ended with a dentist appointment, with lots of boring reading of papers and writing of reports in the middle. So I’m comforting myself with some wool. Shocker.

We have the baby blanket for Eli, Just needs ends woven in and to be pinned out to dry.

ready for ends weaving

I’m not kidding when I say thank goodness for scraps. I was about 10 feet short of the white to finish the border. Luckily I had some (and by some I mean 20 feet) from a previous project. Yikes.

And some Chevalier Socks. Handspun sock yarn from Fat Cat Knits wool in Chevalier. Still deciding about the colors on this one, but it’s pleasing how they stripe…

chevalier socks

Off to lick my wounds from today’s pokeyness.


Where did those two weeks go? We are in the middle of trying to do a Very Exciting Thing, as my sister would say. It’s also a Very Expensive Thing and therefore a Very Stressful Thing. Alas, it continues so I expect to be MIA on and off here for a while. But when the Very Exciting Thing happens, I suspect it will be, just as its name suggests, very exciting.

I haven’t been totally useless here, although very nearly. While I’ve cooked dinner exactly 3 times and slept less than normal, I have a few things to show for myself.
fat cat knits sock chevalier and abigail
Sock yarn! Both are spun from Fat Cat Knits wool. Left is Chevalier on BFL and about 320 yds, not quite there. Still fine for socks though. On the right is Abigail on Polworth, which I really like spinning. Tres exciting, I got about 380 yds of that, MUCH closer to the 400 I was aiming for. So, cool! I’ll be starting some socks as soon as I finish the below…

Elis blanket
Eli’s blanket. This is for my sisters’ Beau’s cousin’s baby… Eli. I don’t know Eli, but I bet he’s cute so it’s nice for him to have a blanket. And if he’s not cute, well, the blanket can be used in place of a paper bag when they go out. KIDDING. It’s nearly done, hopefully done this week. So that’s about it. It’s Friday so I’m heading to the kitchen to crack a beer and go put my feet up and work on Eli’s blanket/cover-up.

Time Warp

All of this is not my fault. The coziest image I can congure up is a winter night in the house I grew up in Connecticut, built around 1935 or 40. The living room has an oriental rug in front of the fireplace. There’s dark wood walls on one side with built ins full of books to the left of the fireplace, with a window seat over the radiator, on the right of the fireplace are the hall closets with my babcia’s mink stole and the formal table clothes for the holidays stored inside. The fire is on, my father is passed out on the couch with a half glass of wine on the floor beside the couch. On the top shelf of those built ins are the speakers I’m sure my parents bought in 1980, they’re big honkers, and on Saturday or Sunday nights, there was this radio show which played all big band and 1940’s swing from about 9 pm to at least 11. I never found out when it stopped because my spot was right in front of the fire, where I’d pass out and someone would send me upstairs when the fire was down to the embers.

This combined with my mother’s deep love of old Myrna Loy and Carry Grant movies and my Father’s deep love of all things big band and early Jazz and I didn’t have a chance. I grew up thinking the 1940’s were the shit, and if I were honest, I’d have to admit I’m pretty sure of that today. Come on. If the movies are to be believed, you, as a woman, spend the day baking bread and cakes, wearing super cute aprons, and then you morph into this, with martini in hand, at night!!


I think this assumption comes from my Cioci Ann who has told of great lunches where she and her best friend who lived down the street, after sending the girls to school, would head out for a lunch of two martini’s and toddle on home happy as clams. My Cioci Ann, my Babcia, and my grandmother were perfect images of the beautiful 1940’s woman, which only confirms that it was great time to be in my family, I would have certainly been in style.

To this day, whenever I’m sewing Peggy Lee cannot be beat. Although I’m sure this didn’t happen, I picture my Babcia sewing all those clothes I hear she was so handy with while listening to Peggy Lee. I always want to put my hair up in a bandana Lucille Ball style, although I usually refrain. Few things can beat “Fever,” “Seven Day Fool,” and “Hey Big Spender.” This is sewing music.


And this is the height of dancing!

swing dance

I can do this!! Come on!! The fashion was perfect for my small waist-ed but clearly child-bearing-hips figure, you’d never have even KNOW I have thighs of death!! If a Halloween costume to be believed, Greg and I would have fit right in. (The only thing I bought for this outfit were the pearls, at a second hand store down the street.)


Although I’m sure I’d be bored and defiant and upset that my brains were spent all day baking cakes and wearing fantastic figure flattering shirtdresses, I gotta say, it sounds kinda nice right about now.