Socks. So these sat on the needles done for about 2 weeks before I bothered to take them off and get them photographed today. Let me tell you something. When you ask the other person you live with and are married to to take photos of your new socks (which is demoralizing enough, come on, we all know this is not normal) and he says “Aww, now?” and you say “Ok, nevermind,” you know when that happens? You will then spend the next 15 minutes wishing you were better at yoga and contorting yourself into strange angles to get some kind of photo of your feet that (a) actually includes your feet, (b) doesn’t make your ankles look like kankles, and (c) is representative of the 20 hours or so of that went into spinning the yarn and knitting the damn things. This is the best I could do…

london socks 3

Note the artistic use of flowers in this shot…

london fog socks 2

They’re super comfy and really fun.

london fog socks 4

The yarn is handspun from London Fog Polworth top from Fat Cat Knits. Not any pattern just start with 26 stitches, go until they’re big enough, then long enough, then short row heel, then keep going until you’re almost out of yarn. That’s about it.

Happy Socks!


One thought on “SOCKS!!!

  1. The flowers: I’m noting them, I’m noting them!

    They really bring out the pink in your (very awesome) socks ;). Mmmm, handspun socks.

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