A Rousing Game of Good News, Bad News

I always like a good game of good news, bad news. Let’s play.

Good News: We have cake in the house!!
Bad News: There goes the healthy eating for yesterday and today.

Good News: I had cake when I came home!!
Bad News: Right before my workout. Cake, pushups, especially pushups with your feet on a chair? Let’s just say cake is not a good pre-workout meal.

Speaking of workouts:
Good News: I’m in the third and last phase of my P90X workouts!!
Bad News: I’m up two pounds (of muscle, but still, demoralizing!!) and chest is about a size smaller… not in the good way but…
Good News: I’m strong as hell and my butt is higher than it was!! And have shoulders and abs! Pretty cool!

day 57_2

Good News: I finished the socks!!!
Bad News: They’re still on the needles. Just need to be cast off…
sock on needles

Good News: I’m halfway through the main part of a baby blanket!!
Bad News: This has seduced me from the socks, hence they’re still on the needles.
baby blanket

And a little bit of bad news good news:
Bad News: It snowed today
Good News: It didn’t stick and melted immediately. Take that, snow.

Bad News: I had no plans for dinner which can reduce me to either mac and cheese or monster hungry or both.
Good News: Our endless supply of cans of tomatoes and chicken broth lead to tomato soup and grilled cheese, possibly the best snowy rainy night ever.

Bad News: I am not, no one can make me, walking to the library for knit night.
Good News: I’m already in my comfy pants that are not fashionable but oh so comfy.


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