Along with spring, apparently, comes the desire for fresh clothes. And while I’m also thinking of spring wardrobes, which are typically not knitwear heavy, I couldn’t help scouring the internets for new things to knit. While I am typically not that into short sleeve sweaters, because if it’s cold enough for a sweater, come on, you want sleeves, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been wrong about fingerless mitts, perhaps I’m wrong about that. And with my desire for new stylish knits and seeing people with LOTS of handknit sweaters that are really cool on blogs and ravelry, I’m itching to start about a million new projects. The one I’m starting for real though is a baby blanket, “Finding Nemo” style. Looking forward to that.

Otherwise, boring day here. Rained all day which made me glad we had baked potato soup for dinner. By the way, delish. This Marianne, she is a good cook! I didn’t have any veggie stock and I gotta say, homemade was better… Happy Wednesday!

365.74 Veggie stock


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