Some New Things

It’s coming. Spring is coming. This weekend I’m seeing it, finally, took long enough! And while I always hate the time change in both directions, there are perks. All of a sudden, while someone took away my sunlit morning commute, it is magically light until 7 pm, which is indeed magic. All of a sudden the light is coming from a new angle and there’s talk of cleaning off the grill and things are looking pretty good again. I was thinking of spring mix and salads, which are a summer and spring thing for sure. So in the spirit of spring, here are a few new things.

Socks. Not super exciting, but kinda fun and entertaining. New because, well, I didn’t have them before, and also new for the two at once on magic loop, which I must admit is pretty slick.
The wool was dyed by fat cat knits in colorway london fog and fractal spun (the whole thing was split in three sections, on was divided into 3 strips and spun, one was divided into 4 and one into 5 strips and spun up, then plied together). They’re pretty entertaining for me.

Baby! Our good friends popped by with their 5 week old for me to meet today and we had a great time, she doesn’t do much yet, but is pretty darn cute. I made the requisite ridiculous faces at her and she mostly ignored me and slept.
365.71 oohh


And the new thing is that project 365 which had fallen off the wagon is back on the wagon, so hopefully I’ll keep it up again. Not sure what happened, February kicked my butt and I spent the first part of March recovering.


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