New Favorite Sweater!

So I have been MIA mainly because I got a bout of sloth and have been doing very little beyond knitting socks and lying around. But I did get some photos of the new improved favorite sweater and I think it’s a winner 🙂


I make weird faces because of glare, not because of the outfit. I love love this sweater. It fits great, is comfortable and warm, the neck is exactly like my old favorite sweater, and I think it’s flattering.


It’s got no pattern, just a copy of the dimensions of my old favorite sweater, with the fixes from last time of the armholes of death. I think the new length is pretty good and as you can see, after Kitchnering the two halves back together, you can’t tell at all that there were armholes of death. I’m pretty psyched that it worked, and a lot more confident in my sweater design and problem solving skillz. Especially with regard to set-in sleeves.

I’ll show socks soon. The 365 project fell prey to the bout of sloth, but I’m going to resume that very soon. As soon as I can peel myself up off the couch and get my arse in gear.


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