Fixing Too Long Arm Scythes

And so now I will disclose how I fancily shortened the arm holes on my new to be favorite sweater without ripping out everything above them. It’s a little fancy, pretty elegant, I think, and not at all hard, more likely to require a swig of whiskey if you’re not one to take scissors to knitting.

So, I started here:


1. I tried it on and they were too long. I put it away. I thought about it. I tried to tell myself it’d be ok, no problem. It’d fit magically, something would happen and it would be ok. But at the end of the day, even I had to admit that having sleeves that start a few inches below your boobs is never going to be fashionable. So, step one, admit you’ve got a problem. Check.

2. Try on the sweater and decide how much would be gone if you had your druthers. I chose about 1.5″ to 2″. I placed a marker at the bottom of the strip I wanted gone.
Also get your scissors out.

3. If you don’t cut your knitting, have nightmares about cutting your knitting, am terrified of scissors in the presence of your knitting, especially if their purpose is to cut your knitting, get yourself some wine and calm down. Then return. Even if you’re ok with cutting your knitting, wine is nice. Maybe have a glass anyways, then proceed.

4. Cut at the TOP of the strip you want gone, and unpick this row. It won’t unravel if you’re at all careful. It won’t implode, explode, or otherwise self destruct. I say this because I know several knitters who refuse to steek and are sure that scissors and knitting would be a huge mistake. Seriously, unpick the row.

5. Pick up all the stitches on the top edge with needles of your choice, preferably the same size you started with. Then unravel the bottom half down to your marker and pick up those stitches, making sure with both tips on the same side.


6. No picture here, but just take your wiggly yarn you just unraveled with and Kitchner the top and bottom together. I chose to use the wiggly yarn because I’d already washed it and it relaxes when washed, so I was afraid if I used fresh yarn that row would relax more than the others and it would be obvious. If you haven’t washed your knitting, feel free to grab a new un-wiggly length and get to it.

7. Repeat on the back. You’ve just saved yourself hours and hours of reknitting. You can shorten sleeves, bodies (of sweaters, you’re stuck with your own body) and lots of things this way. Works great. Very sneaky.

Happy Knitting!


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